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Key Interventions/Functions of Special Cell for Women

  • Negotiating for non-violence with various stakeholders
  • Building support system for the survivor woman
  • Engaging Police help
  • Legal aid
  • Providing emotional support and strengthening the psychological self
  • Developemental counseling
  • Advocacy for group entitlement
  • Reestablishment for woman's relationship with their economic assets
  • Arranging shelter
  • Working with men in the interest of the violated woman

Interventions carried at the Special Cell by the social workers depend on the needs and resources available to each woman. For this, the social workers ask women to write an application wherein she writes her experience of violence, the impact the violence has had in her life and her expectations from the Cell.

In each case of violence, social workers provide emotional support through counselling and further explore the client's feelings. In cases of domestic intimate partner violence, if the woman expresses that she would like non-violent reconciliation, meetins with the individual are set up by sending call letters. Posts meeting with the respondent, joint meetings are planned so that both the applicant and respondent have a chance to discuss their issues in a safe and confidential space. Once there is some resolution of conflict, an assurance paper is written by the respondent detailing the non-negotiated of the reconciliation.

Depending on the nature of case and the expectation of the woman, she may be referred to the Protection Officer to file a Domestic Incidence Report under Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, 2005 or to the Meghalaya State Commission for Women or the Meghalaya State Legal Aid, or other services of the State, Non-Government Organisation and Police help can also be engaged.

In cases of sexual abuse of adult women or child sexual abuse, along with providing the child's family or the woman emotional support and linking them with State Legal Aid Services for compensation, also helps the Police take the statement of the child or woman. In cases of Child Sexual Abuse, the Cell also links the child to the Child Welfare Committee in the best interest of the child. The Cell also receives referrals from and gives referral to Iohlynti, the hospital based Crisis Centre to provide holistic support to the survivors of sexual abuse.

The Special Cell for Women works with the family, community, etc., of the client in order to build a support system and to negotiate for a non-violence free environment for him/her. Assisting the clients on Safety planning and long term empowerment is crucial which will enable them to take charge and stand up for their own life.