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Historical Background

The erstwhile United Khasi & Jaintia Hills District Police since the inception of the state of Meghalaya on 21 January 1972 had a large jurisdiction over the eastern part of the State. On February 1972, it was bifurcated into Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills, leaving the Khasi Hills District with only 3(three) Police Stations i.e. Sohra Police Station, Shillong Police Station and Nongpoh Police Station. Khasi Hills District was again divided into two districts, viz the East Khasi Hills District and the West Khasi Hills District on 28th October 1976 and subsequently, on June 4th, 1992, East Khasi Hills District was further divided into two administrative districts of East Khasi Hills District and Ri-Bhoi District. The Beat Houses within the jurisdiction of Shillong Sadar Police Station vide a notification Dated 2 June 1992, were upgraded into full fledged Police Stations.

East Khasi Hills District Police having a jurisdiction stretching over an area of about 2,748 Sq.Kms sharing the International border with Bangladesh on the South and Interstate borders with Ri-Bhoi District on the North, West Khasi Hills district and South West Khasi Hills district on the West and West Jaintia Hills district on the East.  With a population of 8,25, 922 (2011 Census), it is the most populous district of Meghalaya. Covering low lying terrains and high rise slopes with its scenic beauty it attracts large numbers of foreign and domestic tourist.

The East Khasi Hills District Police is catering to the safety and security of the people by maintaining the Law & Order in the entire area. Its Jurisdiction comprises 1(one) Sohra Sub-Division and 2(two) Circles  i.e. Mawsynram Circle and Shillong Circle headed by a Superintendent of Police. The Office of the Superintendent of Police is located at Shillong the district headquarter and the Capital of the state at the same time.

'Sohra', Sub Division of the district also known as Cherrapunjee was once  the capital of Assam during  British India, the old administrative headquarters of the Khasis. In 1820 it was made the official headquarters of the British Raj in the United Khasi and Jaintia hills.  The settlement  was called “Cherra Station”.  The First Police Station in the state also date backs to 1885 at Sohra.

Presently the District Police with two branches of Unarmed Branch and Armed Branch with a sanctioned strength of 1440 personnel and 1104 personnel respectively is headed by a Superintendent of Police of the District The District presently is having 13(thirteen) Police Stations including 1(one) Woman Police Station, 4(four) Beat Houses, 8(eight) Police Out Posts and 7(seven) Traffic Branches. Besides the District has a Juvenile Police Unit, a District Anti Narcotics Task Force(DANTF), Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT) and a Special Cell, Crime Branch, Shillong. These units are functioning 24 X 7 at the Service of the General Public, maintaining safety and security and Law and Order in the entire District.