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About Special Cell of the District

It consist of the following Units:

  1. S.O.T. :- Special Operation Team(SOT) is the fighting arm of the Police Force for Combating insurgency in the District. The SOT has shown exemplary courage and commitment when Militancy was at it zenith. Their tactical prowess has been the cutting edge in fighting various militant groups, hard core dacoits and criminal gangs. They have also been successful in several rescue operations of kidnapped persons.
  2. A.N.T.F. (Anti Narcotic Task  Force): The rise and availability of Narcotics in the country and in particular Shillong, has led to the formation of the ANTF. Several cases of drug peddling and supply have been busted, especially that of Heroine which has led to conviction of the accused in some cases. The war on drugs however is still an uphill task and requires the help and involvement of the public.
  3. A.H.T.U. Anti Human Trafficking Unit: With the rise in children and women being trafficked out of the state to several places especially brothels for Sex and labour, it has became imperative to bust such network and arrest such persons. AHTU Shillong has been actively busting Sex and Child traffickers to contain the problem.