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Achievements & Best Practices

(for the year 2014-2015)

(for the year 2014-2015, Latest first)


“Implementation of Meghalaya Police Act to curb nuisance”
The Meghalaya Police Act, 2010 (Act No. 7 of 2011) effective from 4th February, 2011 empowered the Police to enable it to function as an efficient, effective, people-friendly, impartial, transparent, honest, professional, accountable and responsive agency. Prior to this Act, the Police were equipped with the Police Act, 1861 where the punishment for violation was meagre Rs. 50/- (Rupees fifty) only and as a result it did not act as a deterrent to the violators of the law.
With the new Act, Sadar Police Station has very effectively using the various provisions of this Act and during the month of August-2015, they have registered 34(thirty four) Non-FIR cases, arrested 71(seventy one) violators and forwarded them to the competent Court and on conviction, an amount of Rs. 1,77,000/- (Rupees one lakh seventy seven thousand) was realised by the Court as fine from the different cases. Notable features of this Act is that the perpetrator of the crime is, on conviction by the court, liable to a fine of Rs. 5,000/- and on subsequent conviction, fine of Rs. 10,000/-.
All Police Station in Shillong City have been directed to utilise the Act effectively to check drunken driving, drinking in public places, drunken brawls and committing of nuisance in public places.

In light of the increase in drug trafficking and substance abuse amongst the youth in the  city, the Anti Narcotics Task Force(ANTF) Shillong, in its quest to stem the supply of drugs especially heroin, on 14.08.15 after receiving information from  certain sources that one heroin supplier was operating from Laitumkhrah,  mounted a  surveillance. One person namely Kaster Jassa 29yrs who was seen with the suspected buyer was followed from Laitumkhrah Bazar and apprehended at Laitumkhrah bus stand near Police Point . On his revelation, it was confirmed  about the supply of drugs by Inderjit Singh 40 yrs of Lamsang Imphal West Manipur. At about 7.30pm, the ANTF conducted  a search and seizure operation at Lumawrie in the rented  house of one Indrajit Singh .  When the team  entered the house, one  Shymashon Sharma 36 yrs of Hojai, Rajbari Nagaon was caught  red handed while consuming (chasing) heroin with a snorting pipe in the  adjacent room. A small amount of heroin was  seized from the buyer Kaster Jasa   However a substantial amount of heroin was found from the house which was packed in several containers, which weighed, 29 gms whose  value is   Rs 2.90 lakhs. Several empty containers including plastic bottles were found having traces of heroin were recovered and seized indicating that these were the containers used to traffic the drugs. Amongst other things seized are chasing pipes for snorting heroin, 15 lighters used for chasing, a bundle of transparent plastic  sachets for packing the heroin and 7 mobile phones. On further search,  a  well wrapped packet  was found from the almirah in one of the rooms  which contained  three pads of the demand note  letter heads of the National Revolutionary Front of Manipur(NRFM) a militant outfit active in Manipur which is issued by the Secretary Finance NRFM which  is purported to be used in Manipur. This indicates their links with militant groups. They have admitted to be deserters of the Peoples Liberation Army(PLA), a militant outfit of Manipur. It is also ascertained after preliminary interrogation that the heroin seized is brought from Manipur which has been smuggled from Myanmar.  A case vide Laitumkhrah P.S C/No149(08)15 u/s 21(b) NDPS Act has been registered and  the three persons have been arrested and sent to Judicial custody by the Judicial Magistrate 1st Class. They will be again reproduced before the Special Judge (NDPS) on 17.08.15 for acquiring police remand. The arrest of the above big  suppliers has given a fillip to the ANTF in its fight  to root out all those involved in the drug trade.

Initiatives of Police to counter Alcohol Abuse in the City

1.On 9.08.2015, 4(four) persons namely (1) Smti Baiaman Sun (ii) Smti Banli Kharjana (iii) Shri Bikash Das and (iv) Shri Hamarbamutlang Khongwir were picked up by Sadar Police Station for selling liquor illegally at Polo Bazar area. A Non-FIR case U/S 110 Meghalaya Police Act was taken up against them. The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shillong Convicted them with a fine of Rs.5,000/-(Rupees Five thousand) only and in default to undergo 7(seven) days simple imprisonment.

2. On 14.08.2015 at about 10 Pm, one Smti.Margerita Marwein, was found creating nuisance under the influence of alcohol on the road in front of BSNL Quarter. She was immediately picked up by the Sadar Police Station and a Non-FIR case U/S 110 Meghalaya Police Act was taken up against her. The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shillong Convicted her with a fine Rs.5, 000/- (Rupees Five thousand) only.

3.In a similar incident on 14/08/2015, one Shri Amit Agarwal was creating nuisance under the influence of alcohol near Dreamland, Police Bazar area. He was also picked up by Sadar Police Station and a Non-FIR case U/S 110 Meghalaya Police Act was taken up against him. The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shillong Convicted him with a fine Rs.2,000/- (Rupees Two thousand)only and in default of 2(two) days Simple Imprisonment.        

Murder Case
On 13.08.2015, an 80 yrs old grandmother, Smti Hormen Sunn was found murdered at Bishop Falls, Block-I, Mawprem at her own residence. Immediately, an investigation was taken up and from evidence it indicated that it was committed by her own grandson, Shri Vicky Sunn, @ Kundu 39 yrs old. A man hunt was launched at all known places and on 25/08/2015 Mawkyrwat Police was able to arrest him from Kenbah Village. He is being brought to Shillong to be produced to the Court and for further investigation.

Impersonation Case and arrest of accused.
In a recent incident of robbery at Law-U-Sib, Madanriting on 22/07/2015 @ 11.00 A.M. in which 2(two) miscreants identifying themselves as a team from Police Special Cell, Shillong entered inside the house of the complainant Smti Grace Khaute of Law-U-Sib, and started searching her house and took away cash Rs.1,20,000/-(according to complainant) and some golden tins suspected to contain illicit drugs. Later, the two miscreants were identified as (i) Shri Kynjai Kshiar, S/O Shri Istra Sing Shanpru of Risa Colony, Fruit Garden, Shillong and (ii) Shri Teiborlang Diengdoh S/O (L) Bokstar Jitem of Laitumkhrah, New-Colony, Shillong, who are not Police personnel but impersonated as Police of Special Cell. Both have been arrested and remanded to 5(five) days Police Custody.
Surrender of HNLC Cadre

On the 24th June, 2015 at 12 Noon, one HNLC Cadre viz. Khrawkupar Syiemlieh @ Shanbor @ Syiem of Umjei, West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, surrendered before the Superintendent of Police East Khasi Hills, Shillong. He deposited HNLC demand note and receipts books but no arms and ammunitions. He was closely associated with the HNLC Cadres arrested recently.
Robbery case and immediate Arrest
On 8th June 2015, 4 (four) persons came in a local Taxi ML-05-D-3288 from Shillong towards Mawsynram and at Phlangwanbroi and at about 8 pm entered the house of Smti Darishda Rapthap 46yrs, and looted around Rs 30,000/- from her at gunpoint. They then fled towards Dangar. On immediately being informed about the incident, O/C Mawsynram, S.I Sunil Kataria and team moved towards Phlangwanbroi and instructed I/C Dangar S.I J.B. Tongwah to conduct vehicle checking on the Dangar- Mawsynram road. Between 9pm to 10pm, the Dangar Police under S.I J.B.Tongwah intercepted the local taxi at Pomblang which falls under Dangar OP. While Pynshai Rani, Barabor Namsaw and Raj Jamatia were apprehended, Synshar Thongni escaped towards the jungle as soon as he saw the police party. One 9mm Pistol along 1 Magazine and four 9mm rounds, cash Rs 6666/- were seized from their possession and the rest of the money was with Synsharlang Thongni. The Police efforts to nab the culprits were successful due to immediate information by Public to Police. All four have been arrested before in several cases of robbery and theft and are hardcore criminals while Pynshai Rani @ Pynshai Kharbani has been arrested in previous 21 cases. A case has been registered vide Mawsynram PS C/No. 18 (6)15 U/S 392/566 R/W sec 25 (1A) (1B) Arms Act. Shynsharlang Thongni an ex-HNLC member was arrested earlier for murder and robbery and also arrested in Mawkyrwat in 2014 for helping HNLC in their activities. Efforts are on to nab him.
 1. The Hon’ble Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shillong on 8.6.2015 passed an order of conviction of Shri Mithu Dhar age 28 years S/o Shri Sachindra Dhar of Nongrim Hills, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, sentencing him for a period of 1(one) year and 6(six) months. He was arrested in connection with Laitumkhrah P.S. C/No. 1(1)2012 U/S 392 IPC in which he alongwith 2(two) other accomplices  had forcibly taking away a Motor Cycle bearing registration No. ML08-B-0713 and cash Rs.1200/- from the victim Shri Clemenstone Ch. Marak.
 2. The Hon’ble Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate passed an Order on 9.6.2015 convicting Shri Shan Pyrbot, sentencing 6(six) months. He was involved in Lumdeingjri P.S. C/No. 03(1)15 u/s 380 IPC.
3.   The Hon’ble Court of Judicial Magistrate, 1ST Class, Shillong passed an Order on 08.06.2015 convicting the accused Shri Bulbul Ahmed Chaudhary a Bangladeshi National, with a simple imprisonment of two months and ten days(70 days in total) he was involved in Section 14 Foreigners Act.

Theft Cases
In connection with Sadar P.S. C/No. 142(5)2015 u/s 379 IPC with regard to a mobile theft case, one Shri Akshay Marbaniang age 19 years S/o Shri Ashis Dutta of Polo Bazar, Shillong was arrested on 03.06.2015. On interrogation by the I.O. of the case SI. K.P. Singh, In-Charge  Pasteur B.H., he was also found involved in another theft case registered vide Sadar P.S. C/No.175(5)2015 u/s 457/380 IPC, in which some unknown miscreant(s) stole an amount of Rs.2,00,000/-(Rupees two lakhs) only from Norling Restaurant, Polo of Shri Dipak Lama. On his leading a cash of Rs.1,40,000/-(Rupees one lakh forty thousand) only was recovered from one Shri Sunil Thapa age 20 year  S/o Kitish Thapa of Polo Bazar, who had kept the bag containing the cash in a Pan Shop at Polo Bazar. Further, 4(four) mobile phones, and 1(one) iPhone were also recovered. Shri Akshay Marbaniang is also involved and arrested in other cases of Sadar P.S. earlier this year. Both the accused are remanded to police custody for a period of 4(four) days.

Conviction: On 02.06.2015 the Hon’ble Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shillong Convicted the above accused to 8(eight) months of Simple imprisonment in connection with the above case.

RESCUE a Kidnapping case :   One Master Sunil Kumar age 5 years was abducted by stepfather from Pynthorbah on 19.04.2015, after registering Sadar P.S. C/No. 112(4)2015 u/s 365 IPC the step father Ajay Rai was arrested from Dwarka Delhi on 27.05.2015. The child was rescued from an isolated village near the river bank of Ganges 60 Kms from Hajipur Bihar on 01.06.2015 by a team from Shillong and has returned today 03.06.2015 to Shillong.
Gambling at Tyrsad Village
            Today evening at 6.30 Pm on getting source information of open gambling in a fete at Tyrsad under Mawngap O.P., a raid was conducted by team from Shillong and arrested (i)Sondor L. Nonglait (ii) Hiningstar Lyngkhoi (iii) Willingness Thabah and (iv) Didbali Malngiang. Currency of Rs. 34,000/-(Rupees Thirty four thousand) and a whole lot of gambling items were seized. Case is being taken up under Gambling Act

Presence of HNLC Members
Based on intelligence input of presence of some HNLC Cadres in Shillong surveillance was carried in different parts of the city. On 18th May, 2015 @ 1:00 P.M. one of the HNLC Cadre was picked up from Mawlai Mawroh where he had gone to meet another over ground worker. The HNLC cadre is John Fishal Lyngkhoi @ 23 yrs of Mawlai Nongkwar. Preliminary interrogation indicates that he was recently sent back to Shillong to carry out a collection drive. He was arrested an four occasions earlier.The over ground worker is Shri Roskin Phawa, 55 yrs, of Umkiang Village. He was arrested earlier by Jowai Police also for assisting HNLC. He was instrumental in assisting the HNLC cadres to cross the international border and also in collection of extorted money for them.If interrogation of these accused person reveals of any person/persons paying to HNLC. Separate cases will be taken up against such person/persons.They have been forwarded to Court and remanded to 10 (ten) days Police custody.

Arrest of a member of (AMEF)
Today the 20/3/2015, the Publicity Secretary of Achik Matgrik Elite Force (AMEF) Chuang Togan N. Sangma of Nokgil Awe, Williamnagar was apprehended   from a City Hotel at Shillong. He is wanted by Garo Hills Police. The raid was carried out based on intelligence inputs

Looting and Robbery

In connection with a number of lootings and robbery cases during the month of December at Lum-Shillong area, Shillong Peak Road by some unknown gang of miscreants, on 6/12/2014 while Shri Wanlambok Kharkongor of Pomlakrai, Mawbynna was returning home in his scooty when he was stopped by some persons on the road towards Shillong Peak who snatched all his belongings including mobiles and cash Rs.32,000/- a case vide Lumdiengjri P.S. C/No. 111(12)2014 u/s 392 IPC was registered against this. Again on 25.12.2014, one Shri Pherbok Wahlang of Langkyrdieng(Nongmynsong) who was with two acquaintance at Lum Shillong was attacked by four persons and assaulted them. They then robbed all their mobiles, cash and a Pulsar Motorbike. A case vide Laban P.S. case No.123(12)2014 u/s 392 IPC was registered. The bike was then used used by the criminals to make an attempted robbery outside the Main Branch, SBI Police Bazar Shillong on 25/12/2014 by trying to snatch the bag of a person coming out of the bank but the attempt did not materialise.
The Special Cell of S.P’s Office alongwith Laban P.S. immediately swung into action and made all efforts to identify the culprits. 2(two) hardcore criminals namely Andy Lamin, Nima Lama and 1(one) minor have been arrested on 7.01.2015, while another hardcore criminal namely Shri Rencious Kharkongor is still absconding. Their involvement in other similar cases is also being ascertained. As they are involved in a number of unreported cases, it is also requested that those who have not submitted F.I.R. against the below noted persons may do so at the earliest convenience.

Theft of Mobile Tower battery cells

On 7.01.2015 an FIR was received from Shri Surjya Saikia Cluster Engineer ATC Mobile tower that 24 Nos. of Mobile tower battery cells was stolen by unknown  miscreants. The Special Cell of East Khasi Hills within 24 hours arrested the accused Abul Hussain, 33yrs from Nongrah, Lum Marboh, Shillong and recovered all 24 mobile batteries.


A Case of Fraudulent Withdrawal of Cash

An FIR was lodged by Rev. Father Samkutty Issac of Believers Church Umsaw on 18/12/2014 at Umiam P.S. to the effect that the Accountant of the Church Shri Anil Tigga, had fraudulently withdrawn Rs. 35,000,00(Rupees Thirty-five lacs) by forging the signature. The FIR was enquired into by Umiam P.S. Later the same was transferred to Laban P.S. on point of Jurisdiction.
As soon as the case was registered at Laban P.S. on 22nd December 2014, Insp B.K. Mishra O/C Laban P.S. swung into action and traced out the location of the accused and also his actual address as address given by the accused to the Church was found to be false.
The police obtained NBWA from the Court and on 23rd Dec 2014 O.C. Laban P.S., Insp. B.K.Mishra and I.O, SI. W.K.Momin left for Chattisgarh. The officer arrived at the village of Parmer, Dist. Raigarh, and raided the house, and during search an amount of Rs. 13,00,000( Rupees thirteen lacs) was recovered. The brother of the accused, Shri Pankhrasius Tikka, was arrested for abetting the crime. Later the main accused Anil Tikka, was arrested on 27/12/2014 after pain staking effort by the team with the help of Kapu Police Station (Chattisgarh) from his hideout. The accuseds were produced in the Court of Judicial Magistrate 1st Class, Dharam Jagad who granted transit remand for the accused persons. On interrogation, it was learnt that Shri Anil Tikka had opened a new Bank account in Punjab National bank, Shillong on 16/12/2014 and deposited Rs.20,00,000 (Rupees twenty lacs) which was a part of the amount fraudulently withdrawn. The account has been freezed.
           Both the accused persons have been forwarded to Shillong Court for remanding in Police Custody for proper interrogation on 30/12/2014.

CYBER CRIME - Face-Book Fraud, leading to Arrest

On 6th November, 2014, received a written FIR from a lady of Mawlai Kynton Massar to the effect that she had been a Face book friend with  Shri Eric Jack, who stated himself to be a U.K. National. During chatting,  the  friend promised her  parcels containing valuables and some money. Later she received a call from a Courier Company and also from other agencies stating that she had to deposit money for obtaining the parcels and money. She then started  depositing money which totaled around Rs. 12 lakhs on various occasions and in different  accounts. Finally when she was asked to deposit more money, she realised she had been duped and then reported the matter to police.  A team led by Insp. D.B. Lamare, O/C Mawlai PS and Insp. B.K. Mishra, O/C Laban PS  immediately left for New Delhi and they managed to track the money trail  to  one Nigerian National namely  SHRI CHAZURIKE UCHE CLICK of Tigri, T.Point, New Delhi who was  arrested and brought to Shillong on transit remand from Ld. Court of Shri Sanjay Khanagwal, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate at Patila House Court, New Delhi. On arrival at Shillong he was forwarded to Court which remanded him to 5(five) days police custody. 

The arrest is a major break through for the District Police to ascertain the modus operandi adopted by the criminals of foreign origin

Immediate arrest of a Rape accused

 A complaint was received on 17/10/204 night at Pasteur Beat House of a minor girl being kidnapped while she was on her way to school. Later in the evening the girl returned home and reported that she was taken by one Shri Rajesh Bir, 28 yrs of Kalyanpur, Tripura to a guest house in Rilbong and raped her. As there were indications that he will try to escape to Tripura, all tourist and bus stands were covered by police to prevent his escape. Ultimately, @ 2.00pm today Police led by SI. K.P.Singh, I/C Pasteur Beat House managed to apprehend him from near Civil Hospital while he was waiting for a vehicle to escape to Tripura.

A Snatching case of a gold chain

On 18.10.2014 a camplaint was received in the morning from Smti. Banani Bhattacharjee of  Jackson Trace Road, Rilbong that @  8.00am while she was going or a morning walk at near the Silk Farm, Madan Laban, unknown miscreants travelling in a white Santro snatched her gold chain and fled away. The victim  could only give the make and colour of ther vehicle and that it has Assam Registration Plate. On receiving information, all police Units were alerted and check posts were put up in different places of the city. At around 10.30 am, the Police led by Sub-Inspector P.Barman of Laitumkhrah Police Station alongwith BSF were able to intercept the vehicle at Dhankheti and arrest one Shri Chandra Prakash Sharma @ Mithu (36 yrs) of Punjabi Line. The vehicle bearing AS-03-C-2544 was also seized.
Dacoity in a Night Super Passenger Bus – Arrest of 6(six) dacoits by Special Cell
On  6th October 2014 @ 4.45 morning, a dacoity was committed by 6(six) masked men of a Star Bus ML 06 5380 and cash Rs. 2,82,000/- approximately,  ornaments and other items from the passengers of the bus were looted after way laying the bus at Laitumsaw village under Mawsynram P.S. They also looted from a Maruti car bearing No. ML05 G-1037.
Considering the seriousness of the crime, the case was immediately taken up by Special Cell of S.P’s Office and within less than 24 hours the first arrest was made of the leader of the gang namely Shri Pynshai Rani @ Newstar Kharbani(32 yrs) of Umpling followed by the arrest of other five members namely (i) Shri Balbir Singh(26 yrs) of Sweeper Lane Bara Bazar (ii)Shri Raju Biswas(35 yrs) of Sweeper lane Bara Bazar (iii) Shri Monu Singh(23 yrs)  of Sweeper lane Bara Bazar (iv) Shri Govind Chettry (38 yrs) of Lumkshaid, Mawprem (v) Shri Phrangkupar Nongrang(38 yrs) of Mawlai Phudmawrie.
From the accused persons the following seizures were made.
1)     1(one) Country made Revolver.
2)     3(three) daggers.
3)     Cash Rs.28,500/-
4)     4(four) stolen mobile phones
5)     Gold ring which was smelted form the gold stolen from the passengers.
6)     Local taxi bearing No. ML05-H-8182 which was used by them to escape from the crime scene was also seized.

Lately the District Police has been flooded with complaints of ATM fraud . One of the modus operandi is that a the criminal will call up a gullible customer and identify himself as a Bank Manager, tells him there is a problem with his ATM card and asked for his ATM card and pin number on the pretext of changing the ATM card and pin number. As soon as the ATM card and pin number is given, the customer gets a call alert on his mobile that an amount has been debited from his account. Though a number of advisories have been given to the public through media publicity yet public still fall prey to it.
            In the investigation of a case by Insp. B.K. Mishra, O/CLaban Police Station he was able to get in an insight into how these criminals were operating.
            The Modus Operandi of the accused person was that they would download 'e-wallet' such as 'ypaycash', 'mobikwik' or 'paytm' in their smart phone and once downloaded they would transfer the amount from the customer to their SIM cards through these 'e-wallets' and then the money is used for recharge, DTH and online shopping. In this connection, Inspector B.K. Mishra led a police team to Dhanbad, Jharkhand and  arrested Md. Mukhtar Ansari of Fakirdih, PS Govindpur, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 

Recovery of 25(twenty five) Nos of stolen batteries of a Mobile Tower
On 11/09/2014 early morning  @ 4:00 Am, a Police Naka of Mawlai Police Station  along with CRPF intercepted a Swift Dzire vehicle  (Tourist Taxi)  bearing Registration No ML-05-H-8180  and on checking the vehicle 25(twenty five)  batteries were found. On further interrogation, it was found that they were stolen from a Mobile Tower in Ri-Bhoi District. The same gang has committed the same crime and wanted in several cases within East Khasi Hills District. All the occupants namely (1) Shri.  Noor Muhammad Khan (25 yrs) S/o (L) Yusuf Khan (2) Shri Ranjan Barman (32 yrs) S/o (L) Bajendar Burman (3)  Shri Sudip Acharjee (23 yrs) S/o Shri Swapan Acharjee and (4) Shri. Biswajit Roy (30 yrs) S/o Shri. Kajal Roy all of Bishnupur and vehicle seized. The receiver of the properties namely Ahat Ali of Kamrup  Hajo who is dealing with scrap at Keating Road , Shillong has also been arrested.

Press Release Dated 1st September, 2014.

On receiving information on 31.08.2014 evening that a Maruti Car bearing Registration No.ML05-J-7092 was filling up petrol from a City Petrol Pump without payment, police immediately reacted and intercepted the vehicle at Police bazaar alongwith 4(four) occupants namely i) Shri Clefaston Marbaniang, aged 21 Yrs ii) Shri Kyntiewborlang Marbaniang, aged 21 Yrs iii) Shri Alom Nongtyner, aged 22 Yrs iv) Shri Phron Khongwir, aged 24 yrs all from Mawlai. On further enquiry, it was ascertained that they are members of Hynniewtrep Youth Council(HYC) and instead of paying in cash they give a receipt of the organization and they had been collecting free petrol from the same pump on earlier occasions. Except for one of them, all other 3(three) are school drop-outs. All the four have been arrested and remanded to 3(three) days police custody. The vehicle has also been seized.

Press Release Dated 6th Aug, 2014.

  1. On 5th August, 2014 @ 11.30 AM, three boys hired a local taxi No. ML-05F-6439 driven by Shri. Bijoy Biswa from Polo Bazar to Diengpasoh to attend the death of their relative. On reaching at Mawkasiang they threatened the driver with a Khukri on his throat but he somehow managed to escape. These miscreants took away the vehicle but were later apprehended by Police staff at Mawpdang Village along with the vehicle. The apprehended persons were identified as Shri.Tyngshainbor Nongbsap (26yrs), Shri.Rocky Shylla (27yrs) and Shri. Edison Nongrum (28yrs).
  1. A complaint from Shri (Name withheld for security reasons)  of Laitumkhrah that on 3/8/14 he received a SMS from mobile No.918259067234 from an unknown person who demanded cash Rs.1 Lakh from him to be delivered at 7th Mile Upper Shillong on 4th August 2014 the caller claims to be an HNLC cadre. On 5th August, 2014 @ 11:20 PM the person namely Shri Willbok Lyngdoh Marshillong (21 yrs) was arrested by the Special Cell. The mobile phone used to make the demand was also seized. On his leading, his accomplice in the crime Shri Sylvester Marwein (32 yrs) of Mawshubuit was also apprehended. They are in Police custody for 5 (five) days for further interrogation.

Arrest of A.N.C.A. Cadres

Based on intelligence input that some militants from Garo Hills were trying to enter Shillong City to avoid  the ongoing police operation there, a team of SWAT &  CRPF intercepted a  Night Super Bus at around 5:00 Am on 30/07/2014 at Mawiong.   During search  two person namely  (1)Shri Sengseng M. Sangma (21 years) of  Rari, North  Garo Hills and  (2) Shri James R. Marak  (24 Years ) of  Williamnagar, East Garo Hills  were picked up.  During interrogation it was ascertained they are members of the recently formed criminal gang styled ‘Achik National Cooperative Army’ and were directly involved in the shooting of BNC/Avijeet Mazumdar in Garo Hills recently.
Prompt Action by Police and recovery of motorbikes.

  1. On 25.06.2014 police received information from one Shri Ram Chandra Tamang of Demseiniong Parmaw to the effect that on 25.6.15 at about 4.30 PM, his red colour Pulsar bike bearing Regn No. ML05-L-3800 was stolen from Assam Rifles DGAR, Laitumkhrah, Shillong. All police  units were alerted throughout the night and the said stolen bike was intercepted by Police Naka  checking at Mawlai at 2.00 AM on 26.06.2014 morning alongwith 2(two) suspects as they were trying to move out of the city.
  2. On 26.06.2014 at about 2.45 Pm one Bike bearing registration No.ML05-7127 (Bajaj Discovery), Blue colour belonging to Shri Afjol Ali was reported stolen from the Parking Lot opposite Old Assembly building Police Bazar, Shillong. Immediately all police units were put on high alert and the said stolen bike was intercepted at 3.45 Pm the same day at Old Cherra Petrol Pump,Shillong.

[Detail in Press Release Tab]

Director General's Commendation Rolls

The Director General, Narcotics Control Bureau, New Delhi is pleased to award Director General's Commendation Rolls Dated 26/6/2014 to the following officers of East Khasi Hills, District, Shillong in recognition to their conspicuous achievements in the field of enforcement including operations related to drug trafficking, destruction of illicit crops etc.

1  Shri. Vivek Syiem,MPS,
    Superintendent of Police (City), Shillong.

2.  Inspector . Kyrmenbha Shabong
     Special Cell, East Khasi Hills, Shg.

3. Inspector . Simseng A. Sangma
    Special Cell, East Khasi Hills, Shg.

Cyber Crime

On 27.5.2014 an FIR was lodged by one lady from Mylliem to the effect that she be friended one William through Face-book who enticed her to deposit money into different accounts on different occasions amounting to Rs.3(three) lakhs. Immediately I.O of the case Inspector B.K. Mishra, O/C Laban P.S. took up with banks to freeze the different accounts where the victim had deposited the money. After pain staking effort, the I.O. managed to arrest one of the account holder with the help of Delhi Police and brought the accused to shilling on transit remand.

[Detail in Press Release Tab Dtd. 10.06.2014]
Arrest of  militant outfits and gang of dacoits
 (1) Intelligence information was received that due to on going operations in Garo Hills, some of the cadres of the militant outfits active there/were taking refuge in Shillong . Based on this input, a tight surveillance was put in all hotels and lodges at Shillong. On the evening of 04/04/2014, a raid was conducted by SWAT at Grace Hotel in Police Bazar and a senior cadre of ANVC (B) namely Shri Apsal M Sangma @ Dokrak. 26 yrs of Dobi. Baghmara  was arrested.
[Detail in Press Release Tab]

(2) On receiving information from intelligence agencies that a group of GNLA cadres had come to Shillong city for refuge, an intensive surveillance was carried out in different places of the city and the same proved successful when SWAT managed to apprehend 3 (three) GNLA cadres from Iew Mawlong, Parking lot on 15/04/14. The District Police are making all efforts that members of any militant group do not make Shillong city a safe haven.
[Detail in Press Release Tab]
(3) On receiving information that a group of armed persons were leaving the city for Mawsynram to commit dacoity, a Naka was placed at Mawngap on 14/04/2014 manned by SWAT and police of Mawngap Out Post. At around 3.45 Pm a local taxi bearing registration No. ML05-E-2767 (Maruti car) was intercepted and five persons were arrested alongwith two revolvers and 11 (eleven) live ammunitions.
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Seizure of Drugs
During the month of April, 2014, several burglary cases of Laptops/PCs were reported at  Laitumkhrah area. Inspector N.Thohrem, O/C Laitumkhrah PS alongwith his officers and staff monitored  movement of some of the burglars who were released on bail recently. In their pursuit, they were able arrest Shri Ricky Swer 27 yrs of Fire Brigade who was released on bail in the month of February.2014. On his leading, the receiver of stolen properties. Shri Jerry Maya Dkhar of Polo and Smti. GraceKhaute of Demthring, Shillong were arrested on 26/04/2014. Smti. Grace Khaute on being searched, 2(two) golden containers containing suspected to be heroin were recovered from her. Immediately. the Anti Narcotic Task Force interrogated her and further seized 5(five) Nos. of Golden tobacco containers containing suspected to be heroin found from her house. A total number of 5(five) laptop and 1(one) LCD monitor were recovered from the arrested persons.
Rescue of a Kidnapped Victim

On 12.2.2014, a written FIR was received from Shri Ramanuj Das of Bishop Cotton Road, Shillong to the effect that his brother Shri Digbijoy Das was missing since 7.2.2014 and later they received a call from an unknown caller that his brother was abducted/kidnapped and in the custody of the unknown kidnappers. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was set-up under the direct command and direction of Shri Vivek Syiem, MPS, Superintendent of Police(City), Shillong. After 41(forty one) days in captivity, the SIT was able to rescue the victim unharmed from Gaspara Simola, Amsui under Nagaon District (Assam) on 19.3.2014 at around 3.00 AM from a secluded hut. In this connection 5(five) members of the gang were arrested.
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